Our bespoke technology allows us to offer custom-made travel insurance proposals at any stage of the customer journey

Upsale, cross-sale & post-sale

Enhance your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalizzazione prodotti, partner

Product & pricing customization

Fully tailored to guarantee the best offer to the end-user.

Test A/B Partners

A/B testing

Agile product development and commitment to constant improvement.

 Diversificazione per partner

Diversify portfolio

Access an existing network, use your preferred insurance provider or aggregate the content of multiple insurances.

Gestione account per partner

Account management

Have full control over the program and review your stats in real-time.

 API Mondiale di Heymondo

Heymondo API

The Heymondo API provides a quick and easy way to offer contextually relevant travel insurance at any digital touchpoint.

Product engine. Fully tailored product and pricing to ensure the right offer to any user.

Policy servicing. Real-time binding and issuing of digital policies.

Utilities and reporting. Dashboard management and real-time performance viewing.

Withe Label Partners Mondo

White Label

White Label, the best B2C class website for cross-selling or upselling travel insurance without investment or development.

Proven value for money (or The best value for money). Benchmarked product and pricing.

First class UX. State of the art (or ‘cutting-edge’) design and usability (mobile first)

The highest conversion rates. In a fully tracked funnel.

Destinos Heymondo